electrical panel is a panel or rack in which there are several electrical components that regulate a network or electrical circuit.

function electrical panel
electrical panel or terminal serves as a network / electrical system that can easily be controlled by humans and capable of displaying accurate information about power lines or electrical circuits handled
requirements of electrical panels
electrical panel must have a standard system of rules that must be met in order for an electrical panel function optimally and reserve the risk is small, and easily display the information of a circuit or power lines are handled by electrical panel

electrical panel components
electrical panel components broadly categorized as follows:
1. body panel: made ​​of material stronger and stronger to accommodate some electrical components are handled, (iron, aluminum, plastick etc.)
2. rail or terminal: to place electrical components
3. panel: protect electrical components are handled in order to avoid interference from outside
4. information viewer components: a component that can display information such as the user needs voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meter, the indicator light.
5. conductor of electric current: wire or conductor to connect several components inside
6. Insulation: insulate some conductors to prevent short circuits or electric shock
7. component control or switch: to regulate the network or electrical circuit
8. electrical components: electrical safety components, (fuse, MCB, NFB, etc..)

Types of electrical panels:
electrical panel is divided into several types including:
electrical distribution panel
The main electrical panel
control panel circuit
electrical safety panel
electrical system indicator panel
capacitor bank panel
generator synchronization panel

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