CMS is known as The Centrally Controlling and Monitoring System. Which is used to controlling and monitoring the LED Lights in city. Lighting accounts for over 17% of energy consumption.

With continuous upgradation in lighting technology and control systems, RAJDEEP INDUSTRIAL SYNDICATE has developed LED lights with CCMS. (Centrally Controlled Monitoring Systems). This enables controlling and monitoring the complete city LED illumination system from a centralized location.
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The basic advantages of this system is that we can control or monitor the whole city lights from one place, where our monitoring system is placed. The proper data is available on our computer and mobile screen though wi-fi or satellite.



Basic features of CCMS:-

  • Easy to install due to wireless connectivity.
  • Lights can be control as ON/OFF from any central office via computer and mobile.
  • Easy data monitoring and data analysis.
  • Advanced dimming solution, so it can save more energy.
  • Some parameters like current & voltage limitation can be analyzed on existing system.
  • Proper illumination gives better uniformity on the roads, leading to increased safety level s on the road.
  • Reduces the wastage of electricity.
  • Ease of installation due to wireless system..
  • Data compilation, analysis and reporting is easy.
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